Tokyo's First,
Flying Strawberry Picking

About 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station

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A moment of communing with nature in the city

Opened in 2020 in Fuchu, Tokyo,

Fuchu Strawberry Picking Farm

As a strawberry picking farm accessible by train,

It has been increasingly loved by many since its opening, with yearly additions of new houses and TV coverage.

Sharing the charm of strawberries with more people

In 2021, with the hope of having more people experience the charm of strawberries,

we opened the Tokyo Strawberry Cafe.

The sweets made with freshly picked strawberries received acclaim,

and it has been featured on television, loved by many.

Tokyo's first attempt

We wanted you to further enjoy the charm of strawberries,

With that in mind, we took on the challenge of Tokyo's first attempt.

Flying Strawberry Picking Garden

Strawberries shining along with the sunlight filtering through the trees,

A natural oasis in the midst of the city,

Please enjoy a relaxing moment surrounded by nature.


A relaxing moment in nature

The stay is 90 minutes long

While enjoying freshly picked strawberries on the spot

In a warm house, just like a picnic

You can spend your time leisurely

Enjoy the experience

Very popular among children and families! With the strawberries you pick,

you can also experience making strawberry parfaits

Enjoy a little break from the ordinary

State-of-the-art Strawberry House

Adjustable in height, allowing children to interact with strawberries

With an automated cultivation system,

maximizing the deliciousness of strawberries

Delicious strawberries for smiles tomorrow



3-43, Bubai-cho, Fuchu, Tokyo

7 minutes walk from Nishifu Station on the JR Nanbu Line

12 minutes walk from Bubaigawara Station on the Keio Line

*There is no parking available


Easy online reservation

With our garden's unique reservation system,

One-stop payment

We accept reservations 24 hours a day

A completely reservation-based system for your peace of mind

There will never be a case where you arrive only to find out

it's already ended due to a first-come, first-served basis

Online Bookings